Month: April 2017

Lip Injections - Lip Augmentation

Lip Injections? How to Tell

There’s an endless amount of interest in every Kardashian, and the lip injection craze is no exception to that rule.

Botox Injections- Easton Maryland

Allergan Pushing for Botox to Be FDA Approved for Depression

Botox has, surprisingly, turned out to be a sort of miracle treatment. Now Allergan is trying to get Botox approved for depression.

Cate Blanchett

4 Easy Secrets to Great Skin (From a Hollywood Star!)

It’s easy to think that the great skin of Hollywood actresses just comes naturally.

Sheilah A. Lynch, MD - Plastic Surgeon - Easton Maryland

How Plastic Surgery Has Changed Over the Years

The stigma of plastic surgery is going away. Find out how plastic surgery has changed and gotten better over the years.

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