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Simple Facts About Botox

Injections of Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, are the most sought after non-invasive procedure in the country, with over seven million performed every year.

But like any mainline phenomenon, the unqualified  feel the need to disseminate false information. One common myth that can be quickly blown up, and thrown away forever, is the odd belief that botulinum is the poisonous toxin botulism when in actuality it is a neurotoxic protein.

To get the rest of skinny on Botox, read ahead.

Botox’s History

Botox become a sort of umbrella term for many forms of the bacteria Clostridium botulunim. In fact, it is differentiated from type A all the way to G.

Type A is in fact the form branded as “Botox.” Type B is called Myobloc. Another popular product is Dysport, which also uses type A. All three are FDA-approved.

They are all also designed to reduce furrows on the face.

How Does it Work

Contrary to popular belief, there are no wrinkles actually being removed after Botox injections.

The product shuts down the facial muscles around our eyes that cause crow’s feet and frown lines. The muscles are paralyzed from the injection. The effects may not be reversible but they will wear off in a handful of months, typically three to five.

Common areas for Botox are at the corner of the eyes, cheeks and around the mouth. It helps decreased noticeable creases in the face—a hard truth for everybody as we get older and our skin becomes less flexible.

The Results

Results kick in within two days and really standout within 10 days following the procedure.

These injections are popular for a reason. People love them! Of course that enthusiasm is assuaged by realistic expectations. Patients will not automatically look two decades younger but that doesn’t mean Botox isn’t worth it.

Every study on the subject will demonstrate that patients are satisfied for the noninvasive operation.

Double-check with your physician that they’re board-certified. The last thing you want is frozen, unnatural faces as a result of unqualified surgeons.

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