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Debra Messing Denies Facelift and Nose Job Rumors

Debra Messing, the primetime Emmy-award winning actress, had the right idea when she hit up social media in preparation for the non-profit organization DoSomething’s Gala at the end of last month.

But her selfies were quickly scrutinized by over 1.1 million followers and the new pictures sparked rumors of both a facelift and a nose job.

Messing, 50, replied to multiple comments on the Instagram post which currently has well over 37,000 likes. She denied going under the knife, instead citing routine facials and exceptional makeup work.

One comment asked, “Nose job???” “Even her nose looks manic,” another comment reads. To which the Will & Grace star answered with a resounding, “Nope.” “Genius shading by the expert makeup artist,” Messing added.

More posters swore Messing also underwent a facelift. “lol facelift,” a user wrote. A more crass assertion was, “That facelift is awful!”

Messing wasn’t shy to clap back.

“NOPE! Getting tons of facials [with esthetician Joanna Vargas] and using every gadget on the market,” Messing replied.

Other comments expressed how the actress was supposedly unrecognizable. But her followers were also eager to gas up the New York-born professional.

“You look so beautiful!” read a post. “Can I borrow your glamor squad for a night out?” another pleaded. “Holy sassy mama!” was another heartfelt comment.

Messing, who received her first breakout tole in the mid-90s on FOX and ABC, has been in showbiz long enough to know not everybody is going to play nice. And even more are going to be eager to spread rumors.

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