Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck

A majority of men and women cite their abdomen as a trouble spot and would like it to be flatter and more defined. However, the most appropriate choice of treatment often depends on the cause of a flabby midsection and specific areas of concern.

So, is lipo or a tummy tuck best-suited for your needs and goals?

Continue reading as we compare lipo vs. tummy tuck in terms of treatment indications, candidates, results, and scarring.

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck – Indications

Lipo and tummy tuck are both surgical procedures that can sculpt and shape abdominal appearance in women and men.

Patients often undergo liposuction to permanently remove localized pockets of fat from their upper abdomen, lower abdomen, and flanks. This body contouring procedure can be performed with general or tumescent anesthesia and does not act on muscles or skin.

Comparatively, a tummy tuck tightens loose skin, repairs lax muscles, and eliminates excess skin to strengthen the abdominal wall. However, it does not reduce subcutaneous fat around the abdomen.

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck – Candidates

Candidates for lipo are typically healthy adults that are within 30 percent of their ideal weight and have good skin elasticity and muscle tone. These men and women are struggle with stubborn fat bulges that have not responded to diet and exercise.

On the other hand, tummy tuck candidates are bothered by loose muscles and excess skin that’s the result of pregnancy or weight loss. They are in good health and understand that the procedure will result in a scar below the navel.

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck – Results

Following lipo, patients are pleased to have a slimmer abdomen, improved contours, and restored definition in their waistline.

Tummy tuck results in a flatter midsection, with a stronger abdominal wall, tighter skin, and a possible change in navel appearance.

Lipo vs. Tummy Tuck –Scarring

Lipo scars are expected to be quite small and gradually fade away. However, tummy tuck scars extend from hip to hip on the lower abdomen and the length of the scar depends on the type of abdominoplasty performed.

It’s worth noting that many patients undergo a combination of a tummy tuck and lipo to comprehensively address their concerns and achieve optimal abdominal improvement.

If you are considering lipo or a tummy tuck, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheilah Lynch.

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