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Is a Liquid Facelift Right for You?

Fighting back against the aging process—and the sagging skin and wrinkles that come with it—doesn’t have to require invasive surgery.

In other words, it doesn’t have to break the bank or require any time off from work (which is doubly expensive, when you think about it).

So here is to introducing the liquid facelift, a non-surgical and anti-aging procedure that is giving women a second chance at their youthful appearance without all the drawbacks of invasive surgery.

Aging spares no one, weakening connective fibers like collagen and elastin which causes droopy skin and an all around less voluminous look.

So the liquid facelift is just what the doctor ordered.

How’s It Work?

The most important part of a liquid facelift are the dermal filler injections.

All it takes is one session of dermal filler to plump up the skin and rejuvenate facial volume—providing a fresh-faced, radiant look!

Local anesthesia is applied to the target area that you decide: the temples, underneath the lower eyelids, cheeks, the marionette lines, or any creases around the mouth.

Popular Dermal Fillers

Fillers require upkeep and reoccurring visits to your doctor’s office. But you can choose how often you want to return depending on what filler you receive.

Hyaluronic acid is the most popular. Its effects last as long as eight months.

But something like Calcium hydroxyapatite won’t breakdown for over a year—up to 16 months in fact.

Another filler called Poly-L-lactic acid has the longest lasting results: up to two whole years. It just takes more visits to get the job done.

Are the Risks Deal Breaking?

The biggest risks to consider are the ones you would be avoiding with facelift surgery, which often take up to two weeks of recovery. Can you miss work for that long?

A liquid facelift does lend itself to some bruising around the target area—bruising under your eyes sure isn’t cute.

All in all if less downtime is more important to you, then a liquid facelift may be the right procedure.

To learn more about Liquid Facelift treatments in Easton, Maryland, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch.

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