Mommy Makeover Easton

Mommy Makeover in Easton, MD

A mommy makeover is basically whatever you want it to be.

With the goal giving a post-baby body that pre-baby look and feel, a mommy makeover encompasses a personalized medley of techniques and procedures.

Some common mommy makeover requests are:

These procedures to tend to involve the breasts and abdomen area. After carrying a child for nine months, the skin and tissue is severely stretched.

And breasts experience a significant increase in size—sometimes as much as an entire cup size.

Operations like breast implants and lifts will provide a boost in any lost volume and sagging skin.

This can restore that tremendous shape of your pre-pregnancy bust. And with the development of the Keller Funnel, chances of any infection or any complications are minimal.

Your surgeon can also target the lingering effects that you can see in the stomach area.

Pregnancy isn’t a cakewalk and tummy tucks and abdominoplasty reverse the effects of a the skin stretching process during those nine months before your baby is born.

But don’t forget, mommy makeovers are entirely customizable. So be sure to ask your doctor about a possible thigh lift, arm lift, or Brazilian butt lift.

A few things to remember are the accommodations you need to prepare for ahead of your mommy makeover. These are for the most part outpatient surgeries so assistance and recovery is required.

The recovery process can entail some bruising and swelling and can take up to a two weeks off from work. That swelling, specifically, can last as long as six months. But once it wears off, the full effects of your makeover will be revealed.

These are invasive operations so your doctor should be board-certified and preferably  a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). No amount of savings is worth letting somebody unqualified perform your makeover.

The first few days after leaving the surgeon’s office, you may need help performing everyday activities: no heavy lifting, no intense exercise for up to six weeks. At least you get a break from chores around the house! However, avoiding vigorous workouts doesn’t mean you get an excuse to be unhealthy.

Diet is so important. Make healthy choice about what you put into your body. If you enjoy a cigarette every now and then, you will need to cut the out the habit for no less than four weeks out from your makeover.

All told, the mommy makeover is a real life-changing process. The preparation and the process afterwards provides your mental wellbeing a huge boost, adding discipline along with your new, sprightly appearance.

To learn more about Mommy Makeover treatments in Easton, Maryland, please call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch.

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