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Plastic Surgery in Easton, Maryland | Why Shaming Women is Toxic

Easton, Maryland – We’re all familiar with the backlash. Renee Zelleweger experienced it when she appeared on the red carpet in 2014. Many were critical of her appearance, suggesting that she’d had a lot of plastic surgery. One article boldly, perhaps cruelly asked, “If she no longer looks like herself, has she become a different actress?” In like fashion, the author goes on to criticize our vain culture, and presumably, Ms. Zelleweger’s vain and superficial choices.

Why It’s Wrong

Deciding to have a plastic surgery procedure is a deeply personal and intimate decision. Women choose usually after years of dealing with insecurity regarding an issue. Patients may have endured years of teasing or may have avoided activities that could have brought them happiness. Furthermore, there are health considerations with many cosmetic procedures. These are not superficial or vain reasons to pursue plastic surgery.

Not Just for Hollywood

Many people are under the misconception that plastic surgery is mostly for the rich and famous. That the rich and famous use plastic surgery as a marketing tool. This could not be further from the truth. More commonly, it is everyday people who get plastic surgery, even in Easton, Maryland! Ordinarily, they desire to restore youthful appearance or remedy a specific insecurity.

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Plastic Surgery Shame is Invalidation

Shame is powerful. Judging others’ plastic surgery choice invalidates their right to be in control of their own lives. Women (and men too) ought to be empowered to make decisions with regard to their bodies, including plastic surgery, without fear that they will be labelled as conceited. Oftentimes a cosmetic procedure can improve a medical condition (back pain, lax abdominal muscles, etc). On the other hand, people ought to be allowed to have surgery for purely cosmetic reasons without reproach.

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Plastic Surgery | Easton, Maryland

Dr. Lynch and her staff at Lynch Plastic Surgery welcome you without shame. We understand the serious-mindedness that goes into considering plastic surgery. That’s why our motto is “Dramatic results without the drama.” During a consultation with Dr. Lynch, she will discuss procedures and go over expectations with the sensitivity and care you deserve when making such an important decision.

In her article on plastic surgery shaming, Elissa Strauss points out that, “Still, while doing this important work [of empowering women], we need to also make room for the fact that, when it’s all said and done, many women will still opt for a little plastic surgery, and that’s ok too. We can expand what it means to be beautiful without condemning such choices altogether.”

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